Gloria Corral has been a food enthusiast for as long
as she can remember. Growing up in Ohio with family
from Alabama, it was her Southern granny who taught
her how to cook comfort food using vegetables from
the family garden. In the early 1980s Gloria moved
to San Francisco just in time for the food movement
that ushered in the use of fresh fruits and vegetables.
She spent her free time pursuing her passion for
studying and cooking with local ingredients. In 2008,
Gloria moved to Austin, Texas, and fell in love with the
long-smoked meats that Texas barbecue practitioners
produce for the many barbecue aficionados. As she
got to know them, she was awed by these craftsmen
and for their respect for tradition. This is her first book.
She is presently working on the second edition of
the Barbecue Lover’s Guide to Austin with expanded
content and recipes.